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Liadh for President

Dignity of Bloody Sunday families inspiring – Ní Riada

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has commended the families of those murdered on Bloody Sunday for their dignity and determination.

The Ireland South MEP was speaking after it was announced that just one British soldier would face prosecution for the massacre.

“First and foremost let me just say how profoundly moving it has been to see the dignity and courage the families of those murdered on Bloody Sunday have carried themselves with despite facing yet another obstacle on their campaign for justice,” she said.

“They are truly an inspiration to those seeking truth and justice around the world.

“They will of course be disappointed at today’s announcement. After 14 people were murdered, 14 more wounded and over a hundred rounds fired, it is farcical that just one soldier and nobody further up the chain of command should face prosecution.

“However, given the British political establishment’s view of atrocities carried out in Ireland, illustrated by Karen Bradley’s comments last week, even this single prosecution is a major victory.

“The response from the British Government has been depressingly predictable. The British Ministry of Defence have not only announced that they will be fully supporting ‘Soldier F’ and covering all legal costs, they have also signaled their intention to seek changes to the legal system to prevent any more of their former state forces from being held responsible for their actions.

“I have no doubt, however, that after 47 years of campaigning for justice, the families of those killed on Bloody Sunday, and indeed at Ballymurphy and Springhill and everywhere else the British Army wreaked death and destruction, will not let this deter them and today will be another milestone on their long campaign for justice.”

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