Liadh for President
Liadh for President

Fighting for Ireland

Liadh Ní Riada - Fighting For Ireland - Ag Troid Ar Son Na hÉireann

Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by. My name is Liadh Ní Riada and I am honoured to be your MEP since 2014. I am a full time public representative and I am committed to making your voice heard in Europe.

I am a republican, a mother, an entrepreneur, a community activist, a filmmaker and a native Irish speaker. I live in Baile Mhuirne with my husband and our three girls, but I am in Brussels or Strasbourg during the week working on your behalf.

As a mother, a rural-dweller and an activist I could see the damage being done to our society and our communities by bad governance, austerity, and a lack of political will in Dublin and Europe. I decided to stand up and be counted and I joined the fight back.

Growing inequality, the destruction of social supports in our cities and towns, the assault on rural Ireland, and increasing levels of poverty and deprivation must be stopped. I believe that we need an alternative way of doing politics and of managing our economy. We need a system that has its priorities straight, and that puts the needs of our communities and our children ahead of the interests of bankers, speculators, tax exiles and establishment politicians.

In May 2014 the people of Ireland returned four Sinn Féin MEPs, representing every part of this island. As part of this strong team I am working hard on your behalf. I am determined to raise the issues that matter to you, to search out solutions and to work with you to resolve them.

I am determined to give you access to all that is good about Europe; to funding, to supports, to the protection of our environment and rights, and to partnership between communities from all over the continent. I am determined to highlight the dangers to our independence, our economic sovereignty, and to our farming and fishing industry that a compliant political elite here in Ireland seem to ignore.

As a republican and a Sinn Féin activist I will continue to champion a fair, equal and inclusive Ireland. Alongside colleagues across the continent I will work towards a just and prosperous European Union. A social Europe in which Ireland can take her place as an independent, united and prosperous nation.

Please join me in making this vision a reality.

Is mise,



  • Secured a €3 million euro fund for training and recruiting Irish language interpretation and translation staff.
  • Led opposition to military spending under the EU budget.
  • Secured a special protections and supports for Ireland’s islands and coastal communities in the 2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)
  • Authored the EU Strategy on Plastics which aims to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans
  • Spearheaded the WiFi4EU initiative to introduced free public WiFi to towns and villages in Ireland
  • Published a detailed guide to EU funding aimed at the community and voluntary sector.
  • Published comprehensive briefing documents on the potential impacts of Brexit on the South West and on the Mid West regions aimed at the agriculture, fisheries and marketing sector, third level and research institutions, and local and regional authorities.
  • Hosted a delegation of community mental health volunteers and practitioners in the European Parliament to help shape EU policy, discuss funding opportunities and network with European partners.

If re-elected as your MEP I will continue to fight for:

For solutions to the housing crisis - build homes, freeze rents and stand up to vulture funds.
Réití ar an ngéarchéim tithíochta - tithí a thógail, cíosanna a choinneáil mar atá, agus aghaidh a thabhairt ar chreach-chistí.
For real action on climate change and against carbon taxes.
Gníomhú ceart ar athrú aeráide agus cur in aghaidh cánacha carbóin.
For action on the cost of living crisis and better wages.
Gníomhú ar chostas maireachtála agus pá níos fearr a bhaint amach.
For safe homes, safe streets and safe communities.
Tithí, sráideanna agus pobail atá sábháilte.
For Ireland’s fisheries and halting the damage done by super trawlers
Ar son iascaigh na hÉireann agus chun stop a chur leis an damáiste a dhéanann na supertrawlers
To defend our farmers and agri-food industry from Brexit
Chun cosaint a thabhairt dár bhfeirmeoirí agus an earnáil agraibhia ón mBreatimeacht
For Ireland's neutrality and to defend human rights.
Neodracht na hÉireann agus cearta daonna a chosaint
For more power to be returned to members' states.
Níos mó cumhacht a thabhairt ar ais chuig na ballstáit.
To defend our right to opt out of domestic metered water charges.
Cosaint a dhéanamh ar an gceart atá againn diultiú do tháillí uisce ar méadar.
For a referendum on Irish Unity.
Reifreann ar Aontú na hÉireann.
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