Liadh for President
Liadh for President

My Record in Europe

Rural Communities

Agriculture and the agri-food industry are the backbone of Ireland’s rural economy and a key source of export, revenue and jobs. Currency fluctuations since the Brexit vote have wreaked havoc on some agrifood operators. The LEADER programme was once, and has the potential to be again, a revitalising force for rural communities but the government is intent on strangling funding to rural Ireland. Many rural communities in recent years have seen their post office close. A post office is a focal point for the local community, a meeting place for older people and a link to the rest of the country and indeed the world. They must be protected. Rural Ireland must be protected.

During my time as an MEP, I have:


Ireland has a long and rich tradition of catching and serving fresh fish of a high quality standard. We have an abundant maritime environment, rich in natural resources. 11,000 people are employed in the industry within the state with more working in support and ancillary industries.

As MEP, I have:


While housing is a competence of Member States, it is clear that there is a housing crisis and there is a problem with the whole economic system that is responsible for the rise in homelessness across Europe. The EU alongside Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour fail to recognise that rising poverty and homelessness across Ireland is a direct consequence of years of their austerity.

As an MEP I, alongside other Sinn Féin MEPs, have:

Workers Rights

I believe that the European Union can play a greater role in enhancing worker and trade union rights, helping to improve the living and working rights of workers across the EU based on key values as respect for human dignity, equality, workplace safety and access to lifelong learning.

As MEP for Ireland South, I have:


The European Union plays a role in improving and promoting public health. This includes measures on regulating the tobacco and alcohol industries, food safety and nutrition, as well as controlling diseases and health threats. Public health is one of the areas receiving the most intense lobbying in Brussels.

As a Sinn Féin MEP, I have:


Sinn Féin prioritises climate action and believe that solving the climate crisis requires strong political will from a Left perspective. Climate change is a crisis of unregulated capitalism - a system that has allowed big polluters to turn profit without taking into account the consequences on our planet. We are now facing a situation where the next twelve years will completely determine the future of our planet, and there is no time for moderate action.

As MEP I have:

Rights of Citizens

Sinn Féin supports the European human rights architecture and the objective of continent-wide upwards harmonisation of protections, because they serve the best interest of the Irish people. We have insisted that Ireland upholds these human rights standards at home, and that the EU institutions live up to their own human rights commitments. European human rights guarantees are not enough. We need stronger domestic protections in Ireland, starting with full implementation of the outstanding human rights commitments under the Good Friday Agreement. Brexit cannot be permitted to undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

Throughout my term as MEP, I have:

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